Poker News Story Roundup: My Thoughts on Some Current Events

Sharing my initial thoughts on the weekly poker news I ran across around the web with a cup of coffee in one hand and a mouse in the other:

Interview with some basic tips from Alexander Millar


Some very helpful tips in here, especially the one about putting your opponent on a specific hand. I always find it funny when people do that. It is almost impossible to know someone’s exact holdings, especially on the flop. Of course, when I say it, nobody cares to listen, but perhaps they’ll listen to an online beast. Or not.

I always appreciate good advice, but it is good thing most people choose to ignore them. It makes winning so much easier. I guess there are some people out there who think this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, completely oblivious of the fact he absolutely crushes online games.

There’s actually spyware that targets online poker players


Odlanor is certainly a big thread to players’ bankrolls, but like anything we do online playing poker must be done wisely. Installing programs from unsafe locations without running antivirus software is just asking for trouble. I could never understand why some people are so opposed to having AV installed?

Also, there’s nothing really special about this malware. It’s a pretty standard variation; only it seems someone figured out it would be smart to target poker players (among other victims) with it.

Why do online poker players seem to not know much about tech?

This actually makes sense if you’re a criminal because many very decent poker players seem to be very computer illiterate. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps they’re simply not interested in learning.

Whatever the reason if you have a lot of money in your poker accounts taking at least basic protective measures in just common sense.

Poker players enters the wrong event… and then wins the darn thing


I’ve read this story elsewhere. There is no doubt Mr. Pham had Lady Luck on his side to win the whole thing, as even the best need some luck to win poker tournaments. However, to play the game you’ve never played against tough competition and win much feel great.

This also goes to show you that a good poker players is adaptable. Sure, rules of Deuce to Seven are different (as different as they can be, as the article puts it) but basic principles are still the same.

Extract value with big hands, pick off bluffs at the right times, and exploit weakness when you sense it in your opponents.

For someone with Pham’s experience picking up basic rules must have been relatively easy.

After that he could still use his ample experience in other poker formats (no limit hold’em primarily) to his advantage. That, and luck, of course.

How would poker players handle Donald Trump?


Rather interesting analogies in this article. I don’t particularly like Annie (or at all, for that matter), but she does make some good comparisons.

The same can be applied to so many everyday life situations. Whether to push back while you have some leverage or let things roll and wait for a better opportunity? And, when that opportunity finally arises, will it be too late?

The funniest thing, though, is how she ends the analysis with the warning that even bad players get lucky sometimes. I mean, if there’s every been a political bad beat, that’s got to be Trump’s victory over Clinton!

Nobody saw that gutshot coming in on the river!

What actually classifies as a nit in poker


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a nit, especially in live games where everyone wants to see every flop and people will call you down super light.

Not much point in bluffing someone who refuses to get bluffed and will call all your bets with a fourth pair or something silly like that.

There’s no reason to make big preflop 3-bets with weak hands if you’re still going to see the flop three or four ways.

That said, I know some players who take it too far for their own good and just fail to realize when they need to open up their game, especially in tournaments.

Once stacks get short you simply can’t afford to be super nitty anymore or it will cost you money.